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Hibari Clinic provides a wide range of medical services as a family medicine physician, from day-to-day health management to treatment of general injuries and illnesses. In Japan, when you feel unwell, the first step is to go to a local clinic or family doctor, and if specialized treatment or tests are needed, you will be referred to a general hospital or a university hospital. In the same way, we believe that our clinic serves as an "entry point" for treatment.


We provide care for mothers and infants after childbirth as well as regular checkups. We also provide medical care for diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, and vaccinations. Free Japanese-English Maternal and Child Health Handbooks are available for those who have given birth in Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions about Infant Health Checkups


We provide treatment for general symptoms, coughs and sore throats caused by asthma and bronchial diseases. We also offer a variety of vaccines.


Hibari Clinic also offers women's outpatient clinic. We provide consultation and treatment for diseases and symptoms specific to women, such as gynecology, urology, proctology, and dermatology. Upon request, we can arrange female doctors (nurses and medical interpreters can be also female). If necessary, referrals to specialized medical institutions will be made. All women are able to receive medical examinations with safety.


In addition to common illnesses such as the common cold, we also provide medical checkups and preventive treatment for lifestyle diseases. We also provide consultation for diseases specific to men and scalp concerns.


In addition to daily health management, we also provide consultation services for chronic diseases, dementia, and depression in the elderly. If you are taking any medications on a regular basis, please feel free to contact us. We will suggest you from among the medications approved in Malaysia.


We are ready to provide immunizations for infants as well as immunization vaccines for adults.
In the case of children, infectious diseases can lead to life-threatening situations or disabilities. For this reason, immunizations for infants and toddlers are required in many countries around the world. The number of vaccinations and types of vaccines differ from country to country.
Hibari Clinic offers a wide variety of vaccines.

Frequently asked questions about vaccinations

Since the names of the vaccines are different from the ones in your country, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about which vaccine you should be vaccinated with or when you should be vaccinated.

Note: Depending on the season, there may be a limited stock of the vaccine. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please make an appointment in advance before coming to our clinic.

Since each vaccine has an expiration date, vaccines that cannot be stored will be ordered only after an appointment has been made.

We also offer group vaccinations for families, companies, and schools. Please feel free to contact us.

List of Immunization Vaccines:

TetanusHepB (Adult/Child)
DTPHep A + B (Adult and Child)
DTP + IPVMeningococcal
DTP + Hib + IPVFlu (Adult and Child)
DTP + Hib + IPV + HepBRabies
Pneumococcal (Prevenar)/Adult and ChildTyphoid
Pneumoccocal and Haemophilus InfluenzaHPV 9
Rota 1 ValentCholera
Rota 5 valentJapanese Encephalitis
HepA (Adult/Child)Varicella


We prescribe medications according to the age of the patient and the progression and severity of symptoms in order to alleviate or improve symptoms as early as possible.
In addition to symptomatic treatment, we also provide advice on lifestyle and diet to prevent recurrence.

We provide medical examinations for the following conditions.

General Dermatology:

Atopic DermatitisAllergic ReactionsUrticaria (Hives)
Skin IrritationSunburnBurns
AcneSoft Fibromas (Skin Tags)Scabies
Athlete's FootWartsCallus
CornIngrown ToenailsAlopecia Areata

Pediatric Dermatology:

Atopic DermatitisAllergic ReactionsSkin Irritation
Diaper RashHay Fever (Sprue)Burns
Insect BitesWater WartsCallus
CornIngrown NailsLice

Bone and Articular Disorders/External Injuries

We offer non-surgical procedure primarily through rehabilitation for extensive orthopaedic disorders such as limb bones /joint fractures, hip/ knee joint disorders, as well as chronic (denatured) join disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. Our orthopaedic treatment policy is to achieve early recovery in addition to avoiding or at least minimising dysfunction.

Medical Imaging Advice Service

We provide medical imaging advice service by a local doctor and a Japanese radiologist.

In order for you to live in Malaysia with peace of mind, Hibari Clinic provides medical imaging advice service by local doctors and Japanese radiologist based on imaging data such as MRI/CT images and simple scans.

No matter where you have undergone various tests or medical examinations in Malaysia, as long as you can bring your test results and test image data, the Japanese radiologist will provide advice to the local doctor and offer a detailed and easy-to-understand explanation of any concerns the patient may have.

The advice and result of assesment will be explained by local doctors in Hibari Clinic.

Click here for frequently asked questions about Medical Imaging Advice Service.

Benefit of the service

You can receive advice from Japanese radiologist with the support of local doctors in Malaysia without having to go to Japan. This eliminates such concerns, dissatisfaction and worries!

How it works

  1. I would like to receive medical imaging advice service.
    Please contact us by phone or email.
  2. Explanation of service contents ( deadline, cost) and procedure for using the service
    We will explain the details of the service.
  3. Complete the application form
    We will collect your test images and blood test results, and arrange a schedule for your data feedback.
    We will collect your data when you visit our clinic. We will send the data to Japan.
  4. Feedback to the patient
    The advice and result of assesment will be explained by local doctors.

Telemedicine/Home Visit


We offer Telemedicine service for those who are unable to visit clinic because of being too busy, being unwell, or living far from the clinic locations.
Consultation will be done via video call and prescribed medications will be delivered to your doorsteps after the consultation.
Please contact us when you would like to request online consultation and inform us of your symptoms.
*Please note that we may have to ask to visit us depending on your symptoms and/or necessary procedures.

Home Visit

We have home visit service for those who have kids and have following concerns, available only at Mont Kiara clinic.

  • Kids are sick but too busy to visit clinic
  • Difficult to bring kids together when visiting clinic
  • Concerned to bring kids to clinic full of patients

Home visit service is for designated area only. Please Mont Kiara clinic for further information.

*Please call ambulance in case of emergency
*We may not be able to provide home visit service depending on symptoms
*Home visit service will not be covered by insurance