About Hibari Clinic

For those who have left Japan and are living in Malaysia, the most important and concerned thing is the health of you and also family members. Our clinics, located in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, provide a wide range of medical services as a general practitioner clinic, including consultations for infants, children, seniors, male, female, vaccinations, and more.

Most of our physicians and staff are female to ensure that our clinic is female-friendly. You may feel free to consult with us concerning any stress or anxiety you may be experiencing while living abroad! We also provide consultations for mental health and gynecological problems.

Our Features

General Practical

Internal medicine・Pediatrics・Dermatology・Orthopedics・Obstetrics and gynaecology・ENT・Ophthalmology・Psychiatry・Vaccination・Baby checkup etc.

*In our clinic, reservation priority system is applied.

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